T his past spring, thousands of students gathered from over 150 schools for transformational nights of worship and focus on Jesus. These gatherings stretched from Harvard, to Northwestern, to UCLA, to NYU and Clemson. This team went to a lot of schools!  This is just the beginning rumbling of a salvation movement in America!

Every night, students were empowered to take hold of Jesus’ compassion for their peers. At Christopher Newport University in Virginia, students were so awakened to the truth of the gospel during the Carry the Love gathering that by the end of the night our team was getting testimonies of even more salvations happening in a nearby restaurant parking lot—as students were literally carrying Jesus’ love out of the auditorium and letting it overflow to the campus!

It was not uncommon across these 150 campuses for students to immediately update the Carry the Love team about spontaneous baptisms, prayer gatherings, and their friends getting saved after the tour stops! They would explain in long texts and messages their heartfelt gratitude that we would drive so far, and how their lives were radically changed forever by these nights. We want to pass on that thankfulness and hand it to you! You’ve extended your own means to save lives with the gospel, shift the culture on campuses, and release young leaders to Carry Jesus’ Love.

And the culture change has only just begun. When even one student is eager to live for God on campus, the contagious faith and hope that he or she carries can catalyze hundreds of others. At the end of each night, teams of student leaders were established across different fellowship groups. Right now, these teams are planning strategic ways to reach more of their peers in September—displaying the authentic love and compassion of Christ to their campus!

Many leaders from these teams are also boarding planes or driving across the country in just a few weeks as representatives from their schools, to spend a month together in California for further leadership training! Young people in America are rising up as influential catalysts to carry Jesus’ love like this generation has never seen. This is a grassroots movement founded on empowerment and the permission to live radically for Jesus, and it’s only just begun!

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  • Kevin L Eaton says:

    I’m an Evangelist here in NY who who like to join with you to reach the college’s here. My cell# is (716)-289-8103

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