Arrival Day: July 12th
Departure Day: July 30th


(Includes housing and food)


University of the Nations
YWAM Kona Hawaii

Due Date:

Registration is now closed for 2017.


A new Jesus Movement is crashing onto the shores of America and spreading into every nation of the world. 21 Project is a collaborative leadership experience designed to raise up revivalists and soul winners who will practically reach their generation with the radical love of Jesus.


Mornings begin together with worship and a “culture shift” message about the power of the Simple Gospel and the lifestyle of wholeheartedly following Jesus.


Afternoons we break into our tracks for skill set activation, coaching and collaborative projects.


Evenings vary between explosive nights of worship, ministry, and inspiration, to special breakout evenings, and good ol’ nights off!

21 Project is for young leaders who are wanting to live for a cause greater than themselves! Come and go deeper in your surrender, walk, and obedience to God as He begins to equip you to carry His presence and His glory into any situation you face. 21 Project recognizes that a generation is responding like perhaps never before in history. This school is designed to reinforce in students the courage, dedication and initiative to awaken their generation to the freedom and power of the Gospel. Our desire is to see leaders who will Revive and Multiply! Revive: by igniting Christians through the gifting God has given them. Salvation: by seeing the lost saved. Multiply: by carrying out the huge dream of God to go into all the world, preach His gospel and make disciples in every part of society.

This year 21 Project will be hosted in Kona, Hawaii at the University of the Nations. This is where it all started for the Circuit Riders back in 2011 and we have a strong sense God wants to take us back to our roots to see something launched around the world.

Each day we will come together in the mornings for culture shift training, hearing from leaders about who Jesus is, the freedom He brings, and how to powerfully influence society in relationship with Him. In the afternoons we will break into our skills based tracks to be coached by successful young leaders, and to work together on real projects that will be implemented in the CR Movement over the next year. Then in the evenings we will worship, hangout, and have various activities ranging from epic house shows to special guest speakers and break-outs.


The Media Track is designed to train you how to use media and visual communication skills to inspire grassroots movements.  We are innovators and activists who are passionate about sharing the timeless message of Jesus in ways that this generation will receive. Through design, photography, film and social media we realize the opportunity we have to influence the world.

  • Media Activism
  • Marketing 
  • God and Media
  • The Power of Collaborative Teams
  • The Importance of Innovation 
  • Skill Set Training

The Messenger track is designed to raise up catalytic leaders who will take the gospel anywhere! Knowing the living God through deep friendship and trust in His Word, messengers will be equipped to go and champion the simple tenets of Jesus’ ministry and cultivate a bold faith in His Word. From speaking on college campuses, to preaching amongst the poor and oppressed, from unreached nations to urban cities, messengers will cultivate their speaking and mobilizing gift to impact this generation. They are mobile evangelists who communicate God’s vision, and unify others unto action.

  • Personal Leadership Development
  • Culture-Shift Communication Coaching
  • Basics of Grassroots Organization
  • Event Management
  • Principles of Pioneering
  • The Power of Unity

The Music track led by CR Music is designed to raise up breakthrough worship leaders and musicians. CR Music is bringing musicians together to make Jesus famous and call a generation into radical obedience. The Music track will train you to carry the message of the Simple Gospel through your unique talent as a musician.

  • Worship Leading
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Instrument Training
  • Electronic Music Production
  • Band Leadership
  • Song Writing
  • Music Production

The Missions track will train you to be effective in world missions in 2017. Missions is all about learning how to bring measurable change, and leading people into a revelation of Jesus and his love. In this track we will train you to take action and make the greatest impact on your target nation, city, people group, or cause.

  • Cross Cultural Impact
  • Community Development
  • Effective Evangelism 
  • Mercy Ministry
  • Activism: Effectively Taking on Causes 
  • Discipleship and Multiplication 

The Mavericks track is designed to raise up young entrepreneurial leaders who understand how to partner with God to bring innovative solutions to age old problems. During Mavericks you will be trained to empathize – research – prototype – test – refine and release new initiatives.  We believe now is the time to innovate and Mavericks is for those who want to be ahead of that curve.

  • Entrepreneurial Coaching
  • Design Thinking
  • Collaborative Ideation
  • Start up Grit
  • God and Business
  • Integrity 

The Technology Intensive is a 3-day intensive for participants who have a passion for the intersection of faith and technology. Technology is a powerful cultural force that is changing the world. You will hear from world class technologists from companies like Google, Facebook and Apple about how the gospel shapes their work and how we can re-imagine technology to glorify God. You will also learn about the process of app development from ideation to launch and the skills necessary to deliver a great technology product. After the intensive you will either branch off into mavericks to focus on the business aspects of development, or the media track to focus on design, marketing & storytelling.

  • Reimagining Technology for the Kingdom
  • App & Web Development Process
  • Design Principles
  • User Experience and User Interaction
  • Product Launch

22 is designed for students who have previously attended 21 Project. It’s for 21 graduates from any of the tracks – Missions, Mavericks, Music, Media, & Messengers (or any of the other previous track names). The emphasis of 22 is on practical mentorship and training for the purpose of preparing you to take the next steps in designing and implementing projects around the world.

22 emphasizes solution-based leadership and developing the skills necessary for real collaboration and for building teams that utilize the gifts from every track (media, music, messengers, etc.). 22 could best be described in modern language as a “design school.” There is a great need for innovation everywhere we look in modern day missions. Even the word “missions” is being greatly expanded in our times. 22 – the “design school” – helps students not just solve problems, but define what those problems are. It teaches students to begin in places where they have deep calling that is accompanied by sincere compassion and to uncover the real needs they want to address.

Radical collaboration, between music, media, messaging, and marketplace entrepreneurship, is part of the experience of 22. Take the next step after 21 and join the 22 Design School. It’s the process of walking out everything you learned at 21 and going for real-world application!


Q. What About Transportation??

The cost of your round-trip ticket to Kona is in addition to the $1000 tuition cost.  Please do NOT book your tickets until you have been officially accepted to the training program and have received confirmation from our registration team and have paid your $1000 tuition in full.   Please book your tickets to arrive and depart on the exact days the school starts and ends.

Shuttle Transportation will be offered on Arrival Day July 12th and Departure Day July 30th from KOA (Kona International Airport) to the University of the Nations.  Once on campus, you are able to walk to downtown Kona where there are restaurants, coffee shops and small boutiques.  Campus shuttles are scheduled most days to take students to Target and Walmart.

Please send your flight information to

Q. What about housing?

Rooms are dormitory style where students typically sleep on bunk beds and share a bathroom with 4-8 people.  Please bring your own linens for a twin bed, pillow and towels for beach and showering.  You can also purchase these things on the island at nearby Walmart or Target.   No accommodations can be made for any students who arrive before July 12 or who decide to stay after Departure Day, July 30.  If you book your flight tickets outside of these dates, you will be responsible for finding your own housing in a nearby hotel or other accommodation.

Q. What about meals?

The University of the Nations has a cafeteria where 3 meals are provided each day.  Meals between July 12 to July 30 are included in your $1000 tuition.  For those with gluten sensitivities, there usually are gluten free options offered at each meal.

Q. How can I pay my tuition?

Once accepted, You can pay your tuition online at

Q. Are there any deadlines I should know about?

Yes, I’m glad you asked! The final date to apply is June 25th and all tuition fees are due just 5 days later on June 30th.

Q. What is the age requirement?

We require all 21 Project students to be at least 18 years of age. If you are still in high school and are looking into a similar training program, please check out