Circuit Riders are simple and sacrificial men and women riding their circuit, calling like Paul Revere with an urgent message of revival unto revolution.

Simple Gospel

Everything we do as Circuit Riders is sourced from the zeal we have to reach people with the Gospel. It is this drive for the lost that fuels our movement. It is His passion flowing through us for salvation that causes us to reach for and ride to as many as possible.


The truths of scripture when paired with a vibrant relationship with Jesus produce the most “free and whole” people that have ever walked the earth. We believe that more can happen in a persons life in one moment with Jesus than in all the best self help strategies combined. Everywhere we go we seek to free individuals from bondage to sin, and into a lifestyle of radical love, and radical impact.


A Circuit Rider is likened to a catalytic spark that carries the ignition fire from heaven to cause awakening. We believe that the time is NOW for the lost to be saved, the saved to be revived, and for all to be trained and sent into world missions. We embrace the disruption of God, interrupting the status quo, to bring about the now solutions of Jesus for this generation.

Radical Love

Jesus flawlessly modeled God’s love for every person in all the world to see. We seek to follow His example and wholeheartedly love this generation. Jesus sparked this love revolution 2000 years ago that continues to rumble ripple and echo into the hardest hearts and darkest corners.


We have a responsibility as followers of Jesus to challenge norms, innovate structures, and craft strategies to reach as many people with the Gospel as possible in our lifetime. If we don’t, who will? The speed of innovation is exponentially increasing across every industry, and we must embrace this opportunity to bring about new solutions as followers of Jesus.


God is raising up a nameless faceless Jesus movement that are not after making a name for themselves. We we are “better together” and we know that it is in our unity and agreement across fellowships, organizations, and denominations that God entrusts His wildest ideas. We seek to be a “Barnabas” (servant) to revival. Serving many different groups to see Jesus glorified, and millions reached.