As the original Circuit Riders had methods, we also have modern day strategies to create a tipping point in America unto mass salvations and missions sending.

Catalytic Training

We are a training movement. Pouring into young people and creating catalytic leaders/ soul winners. With training at our core, everyone is seen as a messenger and discipler, creating wild fire multiplication, and activation.


University Tours:

We are not after building a pretty institution, we are after awakening a generation to who Jesus really is. We tour nationally because the Lord has called us to create “circuits.” To be mobile evangelists, who like Paul Revere are carrying a message of awakening.

Missions Mobilization

As we form teams and see awakening on Universities in America, it doesn’t end there. Jesus gave the Church “The Great Commission” to preach the gospel in all the world. Everything we do as a Circuit Rider is designed to catalyze another wave of missions from America to the nations.


We believe as Circuit Riders that we are “better together” and that it is in our unity and agreement across organizations and denominations, that God entrusts some of His wildest ideas. We seek to be a “Barnabas” to revival. Serving many different groups to see Jesus glorified, and millions reached.

CR Collectives

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The more we tour the nation, the greater the depth of relationship and revival culture we are experiencing in regions and on specific universities. We are currently developing and prototyping how these like hearted individuals can find each other, form teams, collaborate and create incredible impact.

Mobile Platforms

(coming soon)

We are in the process of creating multiple Smart Phone Apps and Web platforms that will facilitate collaboration and grassroots connectivity for our movement. Not only that, but a platform that will give youth an on ramp into serving in missions in every nation of the world.

Our Initiatives 

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Our Message

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